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Travelling in India can often throw some surprises your way. Unless you plan and prepare well, you may end up facing a lot of difficulties. Read about some travel and tour tips to ensure a hassle-free, enjoyable tour in India.


Foreign nationals of various countries visit India each year. Most of these visits are enjoyable and trouble-free, except for some stray incidents here and there. Still, it pays to know a few things and plan well in advance to ensure a smooth, enjoyable tour in India.


Listed below are some travel tips that will come handy during your India tour:


    • Take health precautions: If you are on medication, you can bring your pills and medicines into India provided you carry the prescription with you. However, the Indian Government prohibits the entry of psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs into the country. You can check with the Indian Embassy in your nation/state before you travel to India. You should also bring or buy common medicines for fever, stomach upset, indigestion etc before you start your sojourn in India. Since most foreigners suffer from intestinal or stomach upset in India, it’s advisable to drink mineral water and avoid roadside stuff as well as hot, spicy food, at least during the first leg of your journey.


    • Know your destination’s weather: India is a vast country with varying weather in different parts. Therefore, be armed with umbrella, raincoat, warm clothes etc depending on where you are headed to. Also, keep a close eye on weather forecasts to steer clear of trouble. For instance, tropical cyclones are common phenomena, predominantly off the east coast. Therefore, it’s advisable to get updates about approaching storms, if any, and follow the guidelines/advice of the local authorities. In case there are any evacuation orders, you should follow them and tweak your travel plans, if necessary.


    • Be safe on the road: If you are taking a car, you can hire a good local driver from a reliable agency. In case you are driving yourself, take note of some local dialects that can help in case of emergency, get a map with clear road signs and avoid traveling at night, if possible. It’s also a good idea to be alert if you are taking the highways, especially at night, because they get a lot of truck traffic. Busy traffic along with lax rules and vigil at night make these highways accident-prone at night.


  • Keep emergency numbers at hand: Research online and note down hotline numbers of hospitals, police stations and clinics close to your location of stay. Some state may also have crisis telephone numbers for people in distress. Note them as well.


You should also be respectful toward local rituals and religion. Remember that Indians, especially the women, usually dress conservatively. So, to avoid grabbing eyeballs and attracting unscrupulous elements, use your staple fare of jeans and tees but stay away from wearing revealing/skimpy dresses. In general, stay alert to observe and pick some other local nuances and maintain a friendly demeanor to enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free stay in India.




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